Frequently Asked Questions



How do I select which day I'd like my goods to be collected?

If you require collection tomorrow please tick the Next Day Pickup box when putting in your requiremnts on the home page - when you go to place your order you are asked to select the pick up date you require. 


How do I know once my delivery has been delivered?

All deliveries are signed for on our state of the art ePOD (Electronic Proof of Delivery) and we are able to forward confirmation to you if you wish.


How do I get the goods ready for collection?

Goods are to be palletised, wrapped and accurately measured by you. If this is not possible, please select the pallet and wrap service at checkout at an additional charge. 


What is Pallet and Wrap?

All goods must be secured on a pallet. If you do not have access to one (ask around, you will be surprised how many there are about when you look!) our driver can bring one with him and you can put the goods onto it and the driver will shrink wrap (industrial strength cling film!) the goods to the pallet and secure then for transport.


Do I need any documents when the pallets will be collected?

No documents required! As the pallet will be labelled once received at our local depot. 


How would my pallet be loaded and unloaded?

Our vehicles come with equipment to load your pallet on the trunk. Back at base fork lift take over the heavy lifting to give the drivers a rest!


How do I know what size pallet is required?

Measure your goods and choose your required pallet size Click Here for dimensions.


Where will my pallet be collected from?

Our trucks are around the size of a rubbish collection vehicle and weigh up to 18 tonnes. We would not want to ruin your drive so we collect from the kerb side nearest your property. Please make sure you can get the goods near where the vehicle can stop.


Can the driver pick up items from inside my house?

Unfortunately, our drivers are not insured to enter your property. However, they are a helpful bunch and will do what they can to help where possible.


What time will my collection be?

Collection time will be between 08.00 and 18.00.


How long have I got to prepare my collection?

Once on site the driver has 20 minutes to get the pallet on board before leaving. If your goods are not ready, then they may have to move on and we are unable to refund the collection cost.

Please have goods ready in a place near to the anticipated collection point. 


What services are available for collection and delivery?

- Collections can be anytime between 08.00 and 18.00 but are normally in the 14:00 to 17:30 window. 

- Delivery times are 08:00 to 18:00 but a specific time or a pre 12:00 “AM” Window can be specified for a small charge

- The Pallet and Wrap Service is available for collection of goods where you do not already have a pallet available.


What is Standard Delivery?

Your pallet will be picked up on your chosen pickup date and delivered accordingly.


What is AM Delivery?

Delivery will be made before midday.


What is Timed Delivery?

You select a time from the drop down box and your delivery will be by the time specified.


What is Saturday Delivery?

Delivery will be on the following Saturday (usually between) 09.00 - 13.00.


What is Pallet and Wrap?

A Pallet and Wrap will be provided by the collecting depot - it is however the customers responsibility to palletise and wrap their goods within a reasonable time.


What is Next Day Pickup?

Your pallet is picked up the next working day.

How does pallet delivery work?

Book a job on the website which will be collected by one of our drivers the following day (depending on time).

Goods are sent on their way to our industry leading super hub where they are sorted, one of 15,000 pallets every night, and sent on their way to the local delivery centre.

Goods are picked by one of our professional drivers and taken with care to the delivery point where we ensure the goods arrive on time and in full.