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We at Pallet Delivery Network are here to make your life easier. Whether is it helping distribute products around the country for your growing business, moving your stuff to and from student accommodation, getting the washing machine you just bought on eBay home or just helping shift that bulky item that just won't fit in your car, we can give you an efficient, cost effective solution.

As part of Woodall Group we bring over 80 years of logistics knowledge and experience to help you get your goods moved. Over the last 12 months our network moved 3.75 million overnight pallets.

By using spare capacity on one of the country’s leading distribution networks we are able to offer you industry leading service for a fraction of the price.

We accept many types of cards via the industry leading Worldpay service. You can be safe in the knowledge that your hard earned money will not get lost!

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Company Information


Company Number: 00377859.

Registration Address: 91 Soho Hill, Birmingham, West Midlands, B19 1AY.

Queries: info@palletdeliverynetwork.com

How does pallet delivery work?

Book a job on the website which will be collected by one of our drivers the following day (depending on time).

Goods are sent on their way to our industry leading super hub where they are sorted, one of 15,000 pallets every night, and sent on their way to the local delivery centre.

Goods are picked by one of our professional drivers and taken with care to the delivery point where we ensure the goods arrive on time and in full.

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